How to Clean a Leather Jacket?

To know the brief answer to the question “How to Clean a Leather jacket” There are several methods so keep reading till end.

A leather jacket is an investment and one of the most stylish items of clothing which you will own. When you buy leather denim, you are having it for life. It means that you are good enough to take care of it at home. The first step in eyeballing your stylish leather jacket is cleansing it. Keep the jacket immaculate, and you give it durability. Discrimination on how to keep it clean is easy. Let’s discuss the methods and ways to keep our jackets fresh and clean.

Create a mixture of soapy water and use a soft, clean sponge to well wash away dirt, dust, and debris. Pay heed to the collars and cuffs. To let off the dirt move in circular motions. But avoid rubbing or soaking the areas as this can damage the leather. After removing the dirt, use a new, clean, and dry cloth to wipe away any water. If your jacket is looking a little dull. You may also use a little amount of leather conditioner. to scrape the leather. And may also utilize wax with a soft cloth to rub- down the leather.

We are going to discuss the methods in detail.


Mix up a mild soap solution:

Pour a few ounces of warm water into a massive, open container. Add about two teaspoons of liquid dish detergent. And mix until the soap is diffused fully. The goal is to produce a very gentle solution you can use to wipe down your jacket without damaging it. Too much detergent can cause the leather to deteriorate. And also strip it of dyes, resulting in a blotchy, discolored appearance.

Wet a soft towel or sponge:

Wet a soft towel or sponge. Immerse the towel or sponge in the soapy mixture. Wring out the excess liquid. The towel or sponge shouldn’t be sopping wet, only damp. If it’s too wet, the water can soak into and saturate the leather, mayhap causing even more damage. Use a soft cloth. Rough fabrics may leave scraps on soft leather if you’re not cautious. A microfiber cloth is ideal.

Buff the outside of the jacket:

Run the damp towel or sponge in long, smooth motions rather than scrubbing aloud. Pay heed to water spots, discolored patches, and places where oil has built upon the leather. Immaculate the full jacket, re-wetting the towel when required.

Wipe down the soap and pat the jacket dry:

Clean the jacket again by using clear water to put down any soap residue. Ensure that there’s no surplus water on the jacket. Pat it with a dry towel. Hang the jacket up in a buffet until it gets totally dry. Direct heat can be very bad for leather. Especially if it gets moisturized, so don’t dry the jacket in a machine or use a blow dryer.

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Buy a specialty leather cleaner:

These contain ingredients that scrub away dirt and stains and oils. It helps soften the leather and keep it healthy. You can find leather cleaners at stores, along with any place that specializes in leather. A bottle of leather cleanser is available at a low price and is likely to last for years.

Apply the leather cleaner to the jacket:

Spurt a dime-sized glob of leather cleanser onto the stains. Some leather cleaners are gels, sprays, or bars. If you’re using any of these cleansers, always start with a little amount of cleanser and use more as required.

Rub the cleaning solution into the leather:

Take a smooth and neat towel and rub the leather cleaner on the surface of the jacket. Use slow circular motions, rubbing outward in a helix. As you work the cleaner in, it will collect dirt and remove water spots that have set into the leather. Rub until the cleaner gonna absorbed well.

Remove excess solution:

Take a separate towel to clean any leather cleaner remaining on the jacket. Afterward, your jacket will look new and the leather will moisturize and protect it. And also keeping it in good shape for months. Since it’s gonna soak into dry, chapped leather, there’s no need to rinse away leather cleaner once it’s applied. Leather cleaners were devised to get the job done with minimal effort. But you may have to use the cleaner many times if the jacket is very stained.


We can clean leather jackets at home by many different methods. If there is any stain or spot on a jacket you can clean that stain by using these things.

Use a toothpaste:

If you have noticeable marks on your leather denim. Then you can use the most common household item – toothpaste – to get rid of it. All you need to do is use non-gel toothpaste and rub it on the stain using your fingertip. Make gentle circular strokes to cover the complete mark. Let it sit on the mark for ten seconds and then take a soft cloth to smear the toothpaste off. You will gonna surprised to see how the stain lifts. Cut out scrubbing the toothpaste, or it may harm the leather’s color. Use a neat, moist cloth to wipe down toothpaste entirely. Let it dry.

Cornstarch or baking soda:

Both cornstarch and baking soda have quite a veneration for extracting greasy spots. If that’s what you accuse of stained your leather jacket, scatter one of these two items on the mark. Use a moist, humid cloth to rub it on the mark. Let’s sit overnight or at least a few hours. The starch or soda will dissolve the oil fully. Use a moist cloth again to scrub it off entirely. Then, take a dry towel to pat dry the leather denim. The oily mark has gone forever!

Nail polish remover:

Immerse cotton sponge in nail polish remover and use it to smear the stained area. We can use it to get rid of stains and marks from the leather. Swear off rubbing the cotton sponge because it may discolor the denim. Quite blot it on the stain. Keep rubbing it until the stain removes from the jacket. Use a moist cloth to remove and clean. Use a dry towel to dry it down.

Rubbing alcohol:

Rubbing alcohol has some amazing uses. It may also be available at home. Use rubbing alcohol to remove mold growing on your leather denim. But, do not apply straight until you have diluted it to keep your jacket from ruining. Merge half a cup of alcohol with an equal amount of water and immerse a soft cloth in the mixture. Use the moist cloth to remove the mold in gentle motions. You will see the mark becoming lighter with every motion. Once it’s clean, use a simple moist cloth and remove the alcohol altogether.

Invest in a leather cleaner:

Leather cleaners are by far designed to aid you to extract the marks and dirt off your leather denim. They also contain oils to keep your jacket gloomy and fresh. Squirt a small amount on a clean cloth and rub it on the affected surface. You may use this solution to clean the jacket because it also conditions it and improves its life. Always start with a minimal quantity and apply more if required.

The Dos and Don’ts of Jacket Cleaning:

  • To start with the mildest solution first. “Less is more when working on leather. You can always rebid or retry something, but once you apply it, you can’t go back,” Schwegmann says.
  • Do help the jacket dry as fast as possible by leaving it in the sun or a well-ventilated area.
  • Don’t try to scrub ink, makeup, oil, glue, or paint stains yourself. You have to confer a pro.
  • Don’t use club soda—it may make the spot worse.
  • Don’t forget to feather when you blot, or the stain will replace by a watermark.


Yes, we can hand wash a leather jacket. Put the lukewarm water in a big container. Add a small amount of a liquid detergent recommended for hand washing delicate items. And swish to disperse through the water. Completely submerge the leather jacket. Sway through the water ensure that the entire lining is wet.


A leather jacket is forever. This solid fabric is your friend if you like to goon up your outfits. Regardless of the color or style, you can count on your leather jacket to save the day. Cleaning it at least once every year. Following a conditioning method will improve its quality and durability. Hence follow these directions and keep your leather denim in its best condition.



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